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Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam for Babies and Kids

By Sangeetha
nalpamaradi kera thailam for babiesToday’s product review is about Nalpamaradhi Kera Thailam for babies and kids.In Kerala, Ayurvedic oils and the massages play an important role in pregnancy phase as well as in the baby care.One fine day I noticed rashes in my baby’s neck and arm folding. The pediatric dermatologist we consulted confirmed it to be Eczema. The doctor suggested mild tropical cortisone and it was effective. Everything went fine till my trip to Cochin.I must admit the fact that apart from being the best city in Kerala, Cochin is famous for mosquitoes as well. So, every time I take my daughter to my native, she will have a lot of mosquito bites on her arms and leg. Since she has eczema, these would later develop into rashes and marks (everlasting ones!!) I tried her cortisone cream again but alas, it didn’t work this time. Marks on my little one’s body were definitely a concern for me.A dear friend of mine (Sreeja) suggested this Nalpamaradi kerathailam to me as she had found it effective on her toddler. We brought it from a pharmacy nearby and started using it for massaging my daughter.Woohoo… it worked!Packaging:nalpamaradi kera thailam for baby massageNalpamaradi kera thailam comes in a plastic bottle just like any other Ayurvedic oil. It is slightly thicker than coconut oil and is yellowish in color. The smell is not strong.Ingredients of Nalpamaradi Tailam:Nalpamaradi kera tailam has coconut oil as the base. ‘Nalpamara’ refers to the ‘naal’ (four) types of tree barks. ‘Kera’ refers to coconut oil. Other ingredients include chandana, triphala, kushta, manjishta to name a few.The above combination of herbs, oil and liquid are heated till the oil is prepared, filtered.Nalpamaradi oil is prepared with the same combination though the coconut oil base is replaced with sesame oil(til ka tel).Price: Rs.107 for 200 mlHow to use Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam for babies? Nalpamaradi Kerathailam oil is meant to be used for external application only. For babies, massage it 15 to 30 minutes before bath. Wash off with water and soap. Nalpamaradi Kerathailam can be used for a very long period of time or as advised by doctor.I checked with one of my friends who hail from an Ayurvedic doctor’s family about this oil. According to her, it could be used for infant baby massaging on a regular basis.Benefits of Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam for babies and kids:nalpamardi kera thailam_benefitsUsed in the treatment of skin diseases with itching such as eczema, herpes, dermatitis and allergic skin diseases such as ring worm infestationUsed as baby massage oil, to relieve any minor skin conditionsTo improve fairness and skin complexion, since it contains turmeric and sandalwoodPros:Made from organic ingredientsMoisturizes skin wellAffordable priceNo harmful chemicals or parabenNot very greasy, washes off easily with water and soapAvailable in most Ayurvedic medical shops or online Ayurvedic storesGood for treating skin irritations like eczema, ringworm, sunburn etcCons:As it contains turmeric, it will leave a stain on your clothes. Ensure that you keep a separate towel to wipe yourself post bathing/washing off the oil.My Experience:We have been using it for the past one month for my daughter.The marks in her hands are all gone in a month’s time and we are left with a few milder marks on her legs.As I already mentioned, the oil leaves a stain on clothes as it has turmeric. Hence make sure babies don’t go sit on couches or touch other dresses once they are massaged.Will I recommend the product?A big yes.This is one of the best Ayurvedic products for babies that I have ever come across. You can use it as a massaging oil for your little ones as well as for you.Even if you don’t have any skin irritational conditions you could still use the oil for a well moisturized skin as well as to prevent rashes and dry skin.P.S: Mommies – The oil contains sandal, turmeric (like in Santoor ad). Who knows may be we will all turn Santoor mommies by regular use of this My Rating: 4.5 out of 5Further reading:Lakshadi Keratailam for baby massage Which soap and massage oils are good for babies?Kaacchiya velichenna or enna kaachiyadu for babies during cold and coughHave you used Nalpamaradi Kerathailam for your baby ? Which massage oil do you use for your baby? How do you find it? Share with us in comments.

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