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Nalangu Maavu: Homemade Herbal Bath Powder for Moms

By Sangeetha

nalangu maavuHello mommies, I am really happy to share this article of herbal bath powder with you. I always prefer chemical free products for me. This herbal bathing powder known as nalangu maavu is full of natural products which are easily available in the market.Nalangu maavu can be used as a herbal body wash, face wash, scrub as well as exfoliator. If used regularly, it helps to get rid of facial hair especially on the upper lips. You can use it instead of your soap or body cleanser.Ingredients and benefits of nalangu maavu:nalangu maavu herbal bath powder1. Whole green gram: improves skin texture and give good complexion2. Aavarampoo: This flower is very good for skin. It enhances the glow and complexion when used regularly. 3. Rose petals: The rose in pink color used for making rose water should be used. It is a natural4. Mint leaves: 50 gmsAct as a cleaning agent for our body and give good smell. Make you fresh and oil free.5. Cucumber seeds: 50 gmsMakes our body cool and smooth.6. Kasthuri manjal: Helps to remove the unwanted hair from body and face.Kasthuri manjal can be good for both men and women.  It is different from the regular turmeric.7. Vetti veru : Cooling agent and provides its own fragrance8. Poolan kilangu : 50 gmsGood for skin and imparts a good fragrance9. Neem leaves: 30 to 50 gmsAnti bacterial and prevents skin acne or blemishes.How to prepare nalangu maavu?Kasthuri manjal can be bought in powder form and added to the powder. Use the ingredients 3 each in the ratio 3:2:1 as shown in the picture.Dry all the ingredients in the room till is well dried. Sun dry one hour before you mill these ingredients.Keep it in air tight container once it is powdered.NOTE: I always make this nalangu maavu powder for one year. You can transfer it to a container /bottle for daily use and keep the rest airtight in another container.You can get aavarampoo, rose petals, poolan kilangu, vetti veru in Ayurvedic medicines stores or nattu marunthu kadaiYou can also add almond powder to this mix.You can replace your face wash with this nalangu maavuYou can use this nalangu maavu as a bodu wash on a weekly basis and as face wash on a fortnightly basis.Instead of water, you can use rose water , curd, honey or milk tooI have been using this nalangu maavu for almost 8 years now. I use it as my face wash too.Hope you liked this article on how to make nalangu maavu herbal body wash. Share with me in comments which body cleanser you use.Feel free to share this article in your Facebook and Twitter. 

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