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Nail Polish Trends…Low on Commitment

By Thelawsoffashion

Nail polish try a new trend mn stylist the laws of fashion how to I like to be creative when it comes to my nail polish.  Because why not? You can just take it off in a matter of seconds.  This past weekend I put together the following random combination.  Grey with navy blue accents on just the ring and pinky fingers.  What do you think?  I love grey, so of course I have gray nail polish.  I just felt like I needed to add a little something special to make it a little less serious.  Polka dots and a stripe look interesting and don’t make my nails look too much like a kindergartener painted them all over with designs.

Painting your nails with the trendy color of the season is a fabulous low commitment way to try a new trend without breaking the bank.  Just don’t buy every color you see in the store, which is what I would like to do every time I see them all sitting so serenely next to one another.  Just when I think I have the perfect color, the one next door catches my eye.  Terrible.  Those merchandisers are so clever.  I can’t just take one color home with me, I have to take 12.  They are like Crayola markers to me.  I had a stash of every color in triplicate stored in a giant plastic box under my bed.  I wouldn’t even use them, I would just admire them in all of their glory.  I must have hoarding issues. With fancy office supplies, shoes and nail polishes….

Send me your favorite creative nail photos at [email protected] and I will post the best submissions!

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