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Nabon | Official Teaser | Khasi Film | K. K. Kharlukhi

Posted on the 26 September 2018 by Themoviean

Nabon, a Khasi film set in the 19th century depicts a story of a young girl's journey of faith against the backdrop of staunch opposition of her family and clan.

Written and directed by K. K. Kharlukhi, Nabon stars Lasubon Lyngkhoi in the titular role, supported by Ibansarabha Diengdoh, Forward Man Lyngdoh, and PaulineWarjri.

Direction: K. K. Kharlukhi | Cast: Lasubon Lyngkhoi, Ibansarabha Diengdoh, Forward Man Lyngdoh, PaulineWarjri

Produced by: Jingiaseng Samla KJP, Synod Sepngi
Co-produced by: Jingiaseng Kynthei KJP, Synod Sepngi
Script: K. K. Kharlukhi
Music Director: Herlambok War
Director of Photography: Badap K. Lyngdoh
Editor: Badeimon Kharshiing
Music/Background Score: Augustine Kurbah

Nabon who hails from the Sohra (Cherrapunjee) region of the Khasi Hills in Meghalaya, develops a thirst for education at an early age. She is allowed to attend school at her village and later at the Mission School at Nongsawlia. When her family learns that she is interested in the Christian belief, her mother and uncle try their best to bring her back home. Nabon is abused, tortured and threatened by her family members but she sticks to her new-found faith. Her plight continues with challenges and trials. After a highly charged and emotional interaction between the village Sordar, the relatives and the people sent by the authorities, Nabon takes the most courageous and bravest decision in her life.

Amidst alienation and sufferings, Nabon firmly believes that God's way is beyond a human's reach of understanding. Her strength in faith enlightens her spiritually till she becomes the first woman in the Khasi Hills to be consecrated to the Lord in the Holy Sacrament.

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