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NA Bath and Body Works Hand Gel

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hallooo shimmers,
I was so willing that this product would be outstanding after standing in a queue for half an hour to pay $1.50... OMG it felt like I had stood for ages!
So yeah I purchased bath and bodyworks hand sanitizer in citrus Lemon. It smells so delicious mmmm!
It a great texture it smells great I don't know if it works cause I'm not a scientist but it sure smells good :)
The only thing with hand gel anti-bacterial things is that sometimes it travels from your hands, to your food and leaves a terrible taste in your mouth but I gave never found one that doesn't do that? Have you?
I love the product and it's a funny and good way to keep your hands clean without having to find a toilet.
| Stay clean | Stay safe |
Laura xNA Bath and Body Works hand gel

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