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Mystery: Hillary Handcuffed at 9/11 Memorial Ceremony?

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

As if things aren’t already bizarre, the chatter on the Internet is that the videos yesterday — of Hillary Clinton collapsing into her black “ambulance” van after she abruptly left the 9/11 memorial ceremony at Ground Zero — seem to show her being handcuffed.

Watch this video carefully, paying special attention around the 0:22 mark. I suggest you slow down the speed of the video by:

  • Clicking the wheel icon at the bottom of video.
  • You’ll see a drop-up menu.
  • Click “Speed”.
  • Click “0.25”.

The video shows Hillary waiting at the curb, with two women near her: one on her left apparently holding her up; the second woman is right behind Hillary.

The van pulls up to the curb, coming from the left side.

The bald white guy crosses in front of Hillary to her right side. He grabs her under her right arm pit, to help her get into the van. Hillary leans slightly to her left, her right shoulder is raised, showing what appears to be her hands BEHIND her back.

Then she moves her right arm to her front, with the white guy still grasping her under her right arm pit. She then falls and collapses into the van, losing one of her shoes.

Below is a screenshot I took at the 0:22 mark of the video. I painted a yellow circle around what appears to be her hands “clasped” behind her back.


None of this makes any sense because Hillary was photographed earlier as she was leaving the 9/11 ceremony. Below are two pics in which Hillary did not have her hands behind her back, handcuffed or not:

  1. The first pic shows Hillary leaving the 9/11 ceremony with a woman (reportedly, a nurse) holding her left arm, while Hillary’s medical handler walks behind her.
  2. The second pic is a close-up of the “nurse” touching Hillary’s right hand, while they are waiting at the curb for the van to pull up. Hillary’s arms are not behind her back, and her hands are not handcuffed.


Nor was Hillary in handcuffs when she emerged from her daughter Chelsea’s apartment building where the van had driven her from Ground Zero.


It makes no sense that:

  • Hillary was handcuffed while waiting at the curb for the van, but not before or after.
  • If she was handcuffed, which presumably means she had been arrested by law enforcement, why is this kept a secret from us?

Please watch the video in slow speed. What do you think? Is there another explanation for why Hillary’s arms and hands appeared to be behind her?

H/t FOTM‘s Sher


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