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My Year in Pictures..

By Mascaraandmirrors93

My year in pictures..2014 for me had a few significant events- some positive and others not so great. 2014 for me held my best memories so far. I have three new tattoo's this year and I plan not to have anymore for the foreseeable future. Tattoo's for me shouldn't need to be planned far in advance as long as you know a reputable artist you are good to go. I met my boyfriend last year, who has slowly but surely became a very big part of my life.  For someone who suffers with very bad nerves, I've met someone who makes me feel completely comfortable and cannot thank him enough for all that he's done for me. In October 2014, I celebrated my 21st along with Alan and my friends/family. My 21st was always a big worry in the broad spectrum of things, that was quickly resolved as soon as the night started my nerves settled. I started my HNC in Early Education and Childcare after 3 years of childcare related studies. I can safely say I think my time as a student is finished. I have the desire to go and find myself a job to manage for the big budget I have in my imagination. 2014 marked 3 years in Girl Guiding for me and inspired me to aim higher. I have thought about doing a post on my voluntary experiences, if you would like to see that comment below!In 2014 I also landed myself with two perfect lionhead rabbits- Pheobe & Rachel! (Brownie points for those who get the reference,..)I'd like to think 2015 is going to be the year for me, I can't predict the future but I am certain if it's similar 2014 it will be just perfect.. Cheerio x

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