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My Weekly Obsessions!

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
Hey everyone!
So its that time of week again where i tell you about my weekly obsessions!
1 - Youtube Videos! i cant help myself, i love watching people on youtube! Im obsessed with watching hilarious videos. The funniest videos are from people who are just themselves and have fun on camera. I love it so be sure to send me your links!
2 - Pairing Outfits. Right this one is a little bit weird. I love going through my clothes and pairing outfits, even with accessories and shoes and all whatnot, then i take pictures and store them in a little file on my computer and refer to it before a night out or a day shopping and pick an outfit. Makes it so much easier than trying on a hundred things and then deciding on a look!
3 - Inside Death Row with sir Trevor Macdonald. I love crime type programmes and find real life stories fascinating so this was right up my street. I cant believe that at 15 years old a man was given a 170 year sentence for double homicide when he was 13 years old. Im not sure where i stand on the whole death penalty thing but 13 years old is so so young to be committing any crime, let alone such a horrific crime. Did you guys watch it?
4 - Its a double whammy! MY GLASSES! for the past 2 weeks ive been obsessed with these bad boys. I wear them in preference to my contact lenses and i clean them constantly, even when they dont need cleaned. You know, cos im cool like that. To get my glasses, or any others, visit
What are your weekly obsessions?

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