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My Week of Instagram!

By Jess_kemp @JessicaJKemp
I hope you all are well! I've decided i'm going to do a weekly feature of my life through instagram. I take so many photos of such odd things on my travels so thought I would share with you all once a week! What do you think? Yay or nayyyy?
In other news Lana Del Rey is rumoured to be bringing out a capsule collection for H&M. I mean I like Lana's music, but do we all need to dress as 50's housewives? An a line skirt with a chiffon blouse is fine, but  *yaaaawwwwnnnn*. H&M normally release quite edgy collections so I don't know what they're thinking with Lany Lan...
My week of Instagram!
I looooove skeletons and skulls and anything morbid, this Urban Outfitter's print is perf for this dreary summer!
My week of Instagram!
Addicted to benefit, little shopping spree!
My week of Instagram!
My cutie bubba Misty baby
My week of Instagram!
The Hunger Games! In the middle of reading the book at the moment, I've seen the film so I know what happens but I can't wait to start reading the other two. Love a good trilogy! 
My week of Instagram!
Waiting for my new JC's to arrive EEEEEEEEEEE.
My week of Instagram!
Parrot printed leggings. Thanks £6!
My week of Instagram!
Little visits to Camden after work.
My week of Instagram!
Like her music, but try collaborating with Marks & Spencers..
Hope you are all having a funday Monday..
Can you think of any other features I could do on my blog you would like to read about? YAY or NAY t the instagram piczzzzz?
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Stay Cute,Jessie xoxo

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