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My Week in Instagram

By Jess_kemp @JessicaJKemp
Hey lovelies,
I hope you are all fine and dandy. If only it was sunny :(
Here's my week in photos from Instagram. If you don't already follow me do so @jess_kemp
My week in Instagram
Everybody loves Blackmilk and if you don't...well, you should! Here's my trusty leggings. If in doubt, where black milk! Classic blue galaxies with black low top docs and frilly socks :) I really want the cathedral skirt but it's discontinued. Wahhhhh :( 
My week in Instagram
As you all know i'm commuting to London every day so I read the Metro on the train INNITT. So yeah, I can't remember who said this but thought it was pretty funny! Silly Natwest.
My week in Instagram
Fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit, lots of yummy fruit! Gobble Gobble.
My week in Instagram
Me and Lulu Guinness at her press day in the Soho Hotel. As you know i'm interning there at the moment! The day was fun, but hard work and it was great seeing the new collection all out. I'm going to do a 'Diary of an intern' soon which was talk about this in more detail.
My week in Instagram
It was National Kissing Day yesterday so what better way to celebrate then with some of my fav pink Lulu Guinness lips bags!
My week in Instagram
Ok my Vans are nearly dead, they are falling apart from every seam but noooooooooo. I literally hunted high and low for these babies, and will never be able to find them again. I need magic Vans glue :(
My week in Instagram
Kitty Catty Rocky yawning. A week in photos without a cat would just be futile :)
My week in Instagram
Me at the press day again with one of my favorite bags from the collection. The 'Doll Face Fifi' 
What have you all been doing recently? Are any of you interning? It would be great to follow those of you who have Instagram, just pop your @'s bellow.
Oh and to everyone at Wireless WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm super duper jealous. :\
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