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My Walk Last Night on Rue Des Abbesses

By Benjaminkanarek @bkanarekblog

My Walk Last Night on Rue des AbbessesLe Sancerre Montmartre Photo © Benjamin Kanarek

Last Night in Paris walking with Freddy, I accidentally bumped into someone on the sidewalk in Montmartre, Paris and was treated like I just barfed on their clothing, insulted their baby or even worse, them or something equally disgusting! But my crime was not seeing someone and bumping into them...I actually did a Canadian and said "Oh, so sorry, pardon me, so sorry, really are you OK...???" it wasn't even them I bumped into as they were sitting in an outside bar without any masks on. It was someone bent over talking to them blocking the sidewalk on rue des Abbesses at the Sancerre that I didn't see...and what did they say "You idiot look where you're walking..." They looked at me with such rage!

My Walk Last Night on Rue des Abbesses
Le Sain Jean Photo © Benjamin Kanarek

So, that was the straw that broke the camels back! I said, "look I am so sorry, I am just a spastic Canadian, really sorry...ah...Come to think of it GO F**K yourself... I mean really GO F**K yourself!" I walked away thinking of every other pretentious asshole I have met in the fashion industry who treated me and many others with disdain and disrespect! Why the RANT? The opposite of the word unpretentious sparked that unsavoury memory from last night! Ass****S!

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My Walk Last Night on Rue des Abbesses

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