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My Vintage Caravan ~ DIY Pom-pom Decorations

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy

I’m planning a red and pink theme for my birthday celebration and have shared my ideas on the blog via this moodboard. One of the decoration idea that I was keen to replicate was hanging pom-poms, but I wanted something more permanent thank tissue paper, so I decided to use tulle to create fluffy pom-poms that can be used for this party and may possibly continue to decorate the caravan afterwards.

DIY pink tulle pompom decorations for party or christmas step by step

I used the standard pom-pom-making technique of using two pieces of cardboard together and threading the tulle through and wrapping it round until it was thick – similar to making wool pom-poms, which I remember doing as a child. Draw around a plate that is similar to the size you’d like your finished pom-pom to be and cut out 2 circles. Cut smaller circles in the center of each and make a cut from the outside into the center so that you can easily slip the cardboard discs off the pom-poms later. You don’t need to cut thin strands of tulle – it usually comes on 140cm width roll, so cut approx 25cm, so that you have a piece of tulle 140cm x 25cm and gather it up to wind it through the center and around the rings. You’ll need to repeat this process with a second piece, so each pom-pom will use approx half a meter of tulle.

DIY pink tulle pompom decorations for party or christmas tutorial

I then cut through the tulle layers in between the middle of the cardboard rings and slipped a ribbon down between the cardboard and secured with a knot to keep the center of the tulle pom-pom in place. I then took the cardboard hoops out and used the length of ribbon to attach the pom-poms to the roof of the caravan and around my window. I made 7 pom-poms and it took me less than an hour whilst watching TV so although I thought it would be a difficult task at first, it turned out to be fairy straightforward and now I’ll be able to make pom-poms for any occasion! I will probably be re-using the red pom-poms for my christmas decorations and add a few white ones too. Let me know how you get on if you have a go at making these easy pom-poms yourself


DIY pink tulle pompom decorations for party or christmas

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