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My Uncle Built a Shed as I Gave Birth

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

My uncle built a shed as I gave birth

I bent down to get the meat out of the oven and felt what I can only describe as a pop. I went to the looand as I sat down there was a gush. I knew straight away my waters had broke so I popped on a pad and went into the living telling everyone and too this day ill never forget how fast my sons father and his mate shot up. Running around asking what they need to do… Men hey!

I shouted at them and told them to sit down and I would call the maternity ward. I spoke to a lady and she said “You may have weed yourself or its a lot of discharge pop on a pad for two hours if soaked come in”. At 5.20 it was so up the hospital I went, they checked me and nothing was happening they said to go home, but after my partner (now ex) explained to them it was a 45 minute drive I was to stay in the night and if nothing was to happen between then and 8am they would induce me.

 Eventually at 10am I was sent home where I lay in bed with twitches every now and then. The hospital finally phoned me to say “ Sorry we were supposed to call you we wont be doing it now to late afternoon on the Tuesday 26th (bear in mind 24 hours had been by now). I got of the phone in tears. Explained to my partner what they said which he then got on the phone to his sister and she said she needs to go up hospital.

We called them back and said right my contractions are 5 minutes apart, which by time we got to hospital they were. They put me in a delivery room and I got on a ball which started getting them regular. Then they put a monitor on me but then my contractions started becoming all over the place.

 They then decided to put a tablet thing up me to induce me, by 10pm nothing was happening. By 12.15am on the 26th I was in a ward and I was screaming in pain, I was in so much pain. I was throwing up, I called in the midwife- she gave me a paracetamol. At 1pm I pressed the buzzer again and said “I cant take this no more”, she tried strapping on monitor me I was in so much pain I kept smacking it off and smacked her a few times too wooopppsss….

 She then said OK were going to give you something to ease the pain and she would be back in 10minutes, when she came back I just kept dozing off and waking screaming, she then looked at me and said right you are in labor we need to get you to delivery room and told me to call partner.

 I don’t remember anything after that till just before I had little man. I kept falling asleep after having pethidine, I needed to stay awake and concentrate my little man was in a bad way. My partner had to hold the monitor on my pubic bone to get his heart beat, they told me to stop pushing because he was badly wrapped up in the cord.

 When I was pushing it was tightening around his neck . The doctor had to put a hand up me and turn my son 360 degrees whilst he was in the birth canal and pull him out and then unwrap the rest of it of him.

He was then resuscitated as he wasn’t breathing, I heard a loud scream and tears come rolling down my  face. My partner told me after I got home that my body automatically started pushing at 6cm dilated and that I went from that to 10cm in 20 minutes, I was so drugged up I was saying that my uncle was in the room and building a shed. To this day I don’t remember any of it.

Can you remember doing anything strange while giving birth?

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