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My Tweet Challenge

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
I've had a Twitter account since 2009. Yep, that long. I've always tweeted, but I've REALLY started tweeting since I started blogging. It's a great way to connect & build relationships with other bloggers! Okay enough of my pro-Twitter speech ;)
Yesterday I tweeted about a challenge that I was taking on:
My Tweet Challenge
It doesn't sound like a very big deal does it?  Well I'm gonna be honest, I didn't realize how much I complain over the smallest things until I challenged myself to go an entire day without complaining. 
I was inspired to do this by two people. The first being my blog big sista, Lindsay. Her post about choosing joy hit home in my heart. And the other being Joyce Meyer. I'm currently doing a devotion that she wrote called "Hearing From God Every Morning." 
My Tweet Challenge
As I went through my day yesterday, I kept joy at the front of my thoughts. I had to be very intentional about it, especially while I was driving...I have realllly bad road rage...ha! But seriously, I caught myself really having to CHOOSE joy during certain parts of the day. I forgot my lunch at home and wanted to whine about it. But I didn't. Instead I just found something to snack on in my desk drawer and made sure to keep up my positive attitude. I almost caught myself complaining when it started down pouring as I carried my groceries to my car...but I decided to choose joy. I mean some people don't even have the privilege of getting groceries, you know?
I just kept thinking that the little things that I catch myself complaining about could be considered blessings by others. Some people would love to have a job, despite the fact that they forgot their lunch at home. Others would love to carry groceries to their car in the rain if it meant that they were going to get to eat 3 meals every day for a week with no issues.
Guys, choosing joy and refraining from complaining for the entire day made such a difference in my attitude. I was blown away. A guy at work even asked me how I was feeling. He said I looked great and just happier. So my positive attitude shown from the inside out. 
My Tweet Challenge via
It was easier to love on people when I chose joy. It was easier to be thankful when I chose joy. It was easier to be more in tune with the needs of others when I chose joy. It was a better day when I chose joy.
I felt radiant when I chose joy. I was probably easier to love when I chose joy.
My Tweet Challenge dress & belt: Target wedges: Steve Madden bangles: gift from my blog BFF :)
So I challenge you to try and not complain for an entire day. Yep that's right, CHOOSE JOY all day long :) It may not be easy, but you won't be sorry!

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