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My Travels of 2015

By Littlebckpacker @littlebckpacker

This year I have visited eight different countries with four of those countries being new. I have also visited my sixth continent this year with trips to both Brazil and Chile in South America. I would say that is pretty good going for someone who is a full time student. Working as a holiday nanny this summer allowed me to take two extra trips I wouldn’t have otherwise taken and if it wasn’t for JP living in Brazil I probably wouldn’t have ticked out South America so soon. It is safe to say 2015 has been a fun year of traveling. Here is the breakdown of every trip I took this year.

My Travels of 2015

travels of 2015 - hesdin

February – Hesdin, France

The first trip of 2015 wasn’t until the end of February. After some epic travels in December 2014 I had to focus on and prioritise work at university and building up my travel funds. This trip to France was my first ever time on the Euro Tunnel and my first time visiting France since a school trip. We went away with my boyfriend’s mom and step dad to their cottage in a tiny rural French village. I got overly excited in the hypermarket on the way and thus we ended up brining back enough cheese and wine to last a month.

my travels 2015 - LOVED BARCELONA

May – Barcelona, Spain

In May we headed off for our first proper city break in Europe, it also happened to be the same time as JP’s birthday and the Spanish F1 race So we combined it all. We spent most of our time enjoying the city: soaking up the atmosphere, wandering the streets and admiring all of the gorgeous architecture. We then spent two days at the Formula One track enjoying the Formula one racing and the gorgeous weather. We stayed in our second Airbnb apartment and loved every minute of it. Barcelona definitely rates as one of my favorite places visited this year.

my travels of 2015 - Lisbon

June – Lisbon, Portugal

Although we flew in to Lisbon we opted for a bit more of a beach break and stayed around the coast in Cascais. We spent plenty of our time soaking up the sun and even managed to get in a surfing lesson. Not being able to relax for the whole time meant we also took trips into Lisbon and up to Sintra. It was a fantastic week of eating too much and not wanting to leave at the end. Again we stayed in an Airbnb apartment this time one with a pool and it was the best choice!

my travels 2015 - Spain

June – Ronda, Spain

In June I also few to Malaga to stay in Ronda, I was working as a holiday nanny for this whole trip and didn’t get any time off to explore this gorgeous area. From what I did see from the car window and various family trips the scenery is gorgeous around here. I just wish I had of had more time to explore.

my travels of 2015 - france road trip - the group

August – Road Trip in France

Our first holiday with friends saw us heading on an epic road trip of the north of France. We loaded up the car and went across on the Euro Tunnel managing to avoid all of the queues and chaos that had been happening just days before. During this trip we visited Reims, Paris, Loire Valley, Le Mans, La Rochelle and Normandy. We alternated between budget hotels and quirky Airbnb options including sleeping on a boat. Easily one of my highlights of the year because we crammed so much into that week with the best company.

my travels 2015 - greece

August – Athens/Sporades Islands, Greece

My second trip in August saw me take on another holiday nanny role this time to Greece with double the amount of children. Thankfully this job was a much nicer set up and I was able to explore much of Skopelos, the island I was staying on for the week. After work was done I treated myself to an extra five days in Greece and my first stint of solo travel for a long while. I began in Skiathos for a few days of soaking up the sun and enjoy the Greek food. I then continued over to Athens where I explored many of the ancient sites while in the city and stayed in my first hostel for the longest time ever.

my travels 2015 - Clink NOORD

September – Amsterdam, Netherlands

I spent a whirlwind two nights in Amsterdam to cover the opening of the ClinkNOORD hostel and attend the party. We enjoyed a lively and fun tour of the Noord of Amsterdam before dancing the night away in the basement of Clink with many of the owners, employees and fellow bloggers. I did not enjoy getting up at 6 am the morning after for my flight back to London.

my travels 2015 - rio de janeiro

December – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I’m writing this from the balcony of JP’s apartment near the lagoa and not too far from Ipanema. I have have the perfect view of the twin brothers mountains and the most blissful breeze keeping me from sweltering. It is only day one of my three week trip here but already I am crazy about this place. The gorgeous mountains and even better beaches have me itching to explore every corner.

December – Santiago, Chile

The last trip of the year that is yet to happen, although only a few more days now! I am super excited to trade the humidity of Rio de Janeiro for a few days of hot sun and relaxing in Santiago.

Where have you traveled to this year? Leave me links to your round up posts below.

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