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My Travel Checklist - Hand Luggage Edition

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
Going on holiday or traveling is always something to look forward to, but if you're like me and are terrified of flying, you're going to want to avoid any unnecessary stress by ensuring you've packed everything you'll need to get you through the flight.
My Travel Checklist - Hand Luggage Edition
For me, because I'm such a geek, I make endless amounts of lists with different categories of things I'm going to need, hence My Travel Checklist - Hand Luggage Edition.
I always pack things I'm afraid of losing so that even if something happens to my luggageamily, I still have my necessities. No, I'm not 'obsessed' with my phone, but it's how I keep on top of work, contact family & most importantly check in on my two cats!
Here's what I pack (I've included some work things too incase you're a blogger like me!)
- Phone
- Phone Charger
- Travel Adapter
- Laptop & Charger
- Camera
- Batteries
- Battery Charger
- 2 x SD Cards
- External Hard Drive
- Headphones
I don't usually pack a huge amount in terms of comfort - just a few things I can keep in my pouch in front of me that I can grab when I need. I pack:
- This Works Pillow Spray
- Eye Mask
- Micellar Wipes
- Anti Bacterial Wipes
- Bobbles & A Brush
- Lip Balm
- A jumper
- Hand Sanitizer
- Medication
I never eat any of the in flight meals because I'm surprisingly fussy, so I take food on the flight with me. I always pack two sharer bags of crisps (9 hour flight!), something with chocolate and a baguette (That I buy when I'm at the airport!). I also buy water and diet coke once I'm through security. I buy the water for when I arrive at my destination. (baggage claim is always SO hot and stuffy!) and the diet coke because it's my all time favorite comfort food.
Other things I pack include:
- A new outfit (just in case something happens to my luggage & something I can change into quickly when I arrive at my destination.
- some makeup bits
- Sunglasses
- Contact lenses
So that's everything that I pack in my hand luggage to get me through my flight. I use a 4 wheel It Luggage cabin case (the 4 wheels make my life easier and it cost me £30 at Matalan).
Have I forgotten anything?
H x

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