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My Top Tips To Managing Your Time

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


My Top Tips To Managing Your Time

One of the questions I get most is How do you not get stressed during the festive period. How do I manage time?


Time management can be difficult in any household, no matter how many children you have, there is always something that needs to be done and there never seems to be enough time to do it all.


I am a big fan of routine and organisation, without them both I have no idea how I would survive a day.


Today I wanted to talk about managing the time you have. Are you making the most of it?


As a stay at home mum, many would think I have all the time in the world, the realistic of that is it never works that way.


I avoid stressful situations all I can. If something does not get done, its not the end of the world. If I don’t have time to fully complete a task that does need to be done, I will at least skip around a few corners to at least start it.


Make a list and prioritise – what really needs to be done and which tasks are important and which can wait?


For meal times make a menu – ensure you you have all ingredients ready and save time when you go grocery shopping. When you know what you are making each day, it saves time as you know what you are cooking for the family.


Delegate Tasks – Can you ask a friend or family member to grab something from the shop for you, save you dragging the kids out for a pint of milk. Could your friend call for coffee and do some ironing for you (yes when you come here for coffee you also get a task)


Can you get the kids involved with the household chores. They can soon learn to open their curtains and make their bed and keep their own rooms tidy. My 19 month old knows at the end of the day they all put their toys back into the toy boxes. Make it fun, reward them with praise.


If your child has an after school activity could you arrange with another parent to share the pick up/drop off. Saves you a trip.


Preparation Is Key – Have school uniforms laid out the night before. Have the clothes for the younger children in piles ready for morning. If your leaving the house for the day, make a list and ensure all items needed are packed and ticked off the night before.


Have A Back Up Plan – there will be days when things go wrong. Your called into work, a child becomes ill. Ensure you have all emergency numbers ready. Have you a friend you could call to come and help in times of need?


Devise A Routine – routines make life so much easier. If everyone knows what is happening next then the task runs more smoothly. If the children are playing and tea is ready in 10 minutes then use an egg timer and when the sand empties toys must be put away. Adds a little fun too.


Make Time For You – We often forget to do this and I feel it is the most important. After a long day, we too need some tender loving care. Read your favorite book, even if it is just a chapter, get in a bottle of wine (no not every night can I add or that’s not great advice) or have that chocolate bar (my favorite option) , have a long soak in the bath, whatever it is that relaxes you, make sure you set time for it.


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