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My Top Career / Jobs For 2013

By Ian_delapena
Over the past month I have been hyped to get a job -yep got no job been working for my blog for quite some time now- because I saw some gadgets that would really help me live the life that I want, a digital nomad's life.
I actually wrote some of the things that I want on by wish list and if you feel like helping out or donating your old laptop feel free to contact me LOL! I consider these gadgets as a capital to a better life so I guess they are a need for me not a want.
Thinking over for my next employment I have come up with a list of possible careers that I could take.
My Top Career / Jobs For 2013
Call Center - AGAIN???? I will no longer elaborate on this. All I can say is that this is the modern day factory worker job.
My Top Career / Jobs For 2013
Insurance Processor - I have background in insurance, well selling policies but not processing claims. But my friend offered and I think it is worth trying ey?
My Top Career / Jobs For 2013
Photographer - I take photographs on freelance already so why not be employed? Anyone out there??? hahaha
I am not sure yet on which one to take among the ones listed or if I would take any one of them but yeah I am really motivated to work hard this year!

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