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My To-Do List is Full (but So is My Heart)

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
YOU GUYS! I just finished up my last exam for the summer semester and let me tell you - it feels GOOD. Scratch feels GREAT. I'm so looking forward to decompressing a little bit over the next 4 weeks before fall semester starts. 
I'll be studying for the GRE and racking up shadowing hours at a local clinic, but STILL, not having to drive to class/sit through class means so much time for activities!
Although, I have to admit, I really found my groove toward the end of these summer classes. Last semester I had NO social life. I hadn't figured out how to balance school, work, normal life to-dos, etc. But this semester I feel like I did a fabulous job navigating through what I needed to get done, while still making time to do things that made my heart happy.
My To-Do List is Full (but so is my heart)I've never been the type who can easily slide my to-do list to the side and just ENJOY life. My brain is constantly buzzing about what I need to get done, due dates, what comes next, and on and on and on. Every spare second must be spent doing something productive.
Thankfully, I've recently had a mindset shift.
I've finally discovered that if I have my nose to the grind 24/7 that I feel burnt out, unproductive, and unfulfilled. Making the time to do things that fill up my heart actually makes the time that I spend working/schooling more productive and I'm a happier person overall. Who would've thought? ;)
Throughout this semester I've studied my butt off. I've made As on just about everything. But I've also spent plenty of time doing things that make me feel alive like:
  • Coffee dates with my Grandma
  • Lunch dates with girlfriends
  • Bike rides with my husband
  • Sitting on my patio watching my dogs run wild while I read a book (that's NOT school related)

Do I still grind daily? Pretty much. But I know where to draw the line. I'm no longer sacrificing enjoying life to check off every to-do on my list. So yes, my to-do list may be full, but my heart is even fuller.
xo, Jess

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