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My Thoughts || It Takes Strength to Ask for Help

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink

Hellooo shimmers,
I am actually surprised at the number of emails I receive from you lovely readers looking for advice. Especially after my "Love Your Body" post and "Stop Bullies" post. I always reply to every single email, however I know that some people don't like to ask for help and that maybe my replies can help others in the same situation. I'm not an expert but I research and use my own experience to try and help. If I don't know what to do I will put you in touch with someone or a website or phone line that can help. You don't even need to be asking for advice maybe you just need to tell someone something or want someone just to listen and not judge, well that's me. Anything you tell me is confidential unless I think you are in immediate danger.
I'm not a huge fan of agony aunt type columns in magazines some of them are a bit ... iffy! But I know what it can feel like to feel that you are on your own and there's no one who wants to  help or listen, but its not true.
If you have a concern want some help please feel free to email me ([email protected] ).

My Thoughts || It takes strength to ask for help


I will answer any questions or give advice as usual, and only if it is okay with you share your question and my respond on this blog. It will all be anonymous and your name will not be put on the post or anything, its just that maybe others have that same question but don't want to ask for help and if it is available to read they can get help without asking for it.

Thank goodness I have a husband who knows this!


So please do get in touch,
Thank you and I am always here to listen
Laura x

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