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My Terrible Summer Tuesday Morning

By Miss Cellaneous @MsCellaneousBl
Hi, all! I have had about the WORST morning ever. It all started when I woke up at SEVEN AM. Only my parents were up, and Dad was leaving for work. I was going to make a simple egg,ham, and cheese breakfast sandwich on flatbread when I discover that we're out of eggs. I finally settle on having a bagel with butter and apricot preserves.When I go over to the counter to get a bagel and put it in the toaster, my foot gets stabbed by a piece of broken glass. I quickly get the piece out and throw it away and get a band-aid over the wound. In happier news, the bagel was delicious.
In even happier news, I leave for Disneyworld in about a week! Excited! This will probably be the last time I will ever get to go until I have children of my own. My brother will start to work over the summer and have football camps and won't have time for vacation. So, I am really going to cherish this trip. The girl may have gotten older, but the magic is still young.
Well th-th-th-th-that's all folks! Until next time.... Abinata!

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