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My Talk With God…

By Dailydoseofmusings @mythoughts4sure
……….Bless me father for I have sinned, it has been a very long time since I last spoke with you. I must admit, I have sinned, well, quite a bit. Im unkept, Im rugged, I yell, I cuss, I spit, I destroy. I get loud and out of control when Im with my friends. I shake the hand of my friend, then I tell him what a bastard he is, how filthy his mother can be, and this is at the dinner table. Im reckless with my body and my life, but never with that of my brother, or someone in need. I drive loud and recklessly through the city streets. I use your name in vain, every single time I see smoke and fire.
However, I am not ashamed, and I dont regret any of this. This is because, by the good graces of you, My God, I am a gawd-damned firefighter! Amen……….
My Talk With God…

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