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My Take on 99% Vs. 1%

By Rusty @russellpurkiss

My Take on 99% Vs. 1%Well, there is so much in the news today about the 99%ers and the #Occupy Wall Street so I thought I would add my 2 cents on the subject.  It is a fact and has been for quite some time that the middle class is growing more and more a thing of the past and has almost become extinct.  It has actually amazed me at how long it has taken the general population to stand up and say something, but then again as long as there is some food on the table and some form of entertainment, the masses will remain distracted. How sad.

One simple fact that I am not sure if the 1%ers realize is, once there is no longer a middle class, who is going to be able to even afford to buy anything anymore which is the only way that anyone can be on top in the first place?  I am in no way shape or form in favor of communism and socialism, in fact, although China is a “communist” government they are more capitalist than the capitalist and have been going in that direction since Deng Xiao Ping.  Communism simply does not work, in that, the great majority of people will never be motivated enough to produce unless they are gaining greater benefits from their labor for themselves.  The ridiculously scary thing about the current economic climate is, as it stands today, what the 1%ers are doing is they are forcing the masses into a socialist mindset because the American dream is disappearing!

I am all for capitalist gain, earn your fair share, but when it  comes to the point at which it begins hurting the overall economy, penalizing the rest of the population pushing them to extremes such as we have today where a large number of people are unable to find work due to the continual failing of middle size businesses, then that is like shooting ourselves in the foot. This all started back with the deregulation era when Reagan was president which seemed so great at the time and was heralded as genius and dubbed “Reaganomics”. Unfortunately, the same group of financiers are still steering the ship!  We talk about how bad dictatorships are, but then by allowing this type of economy to go on unregulated, before you know it we are creating a dictatorship of our own, not through violent means, but through voluntarily giving up our financial independents by wrecking the overall economy!

I don’t really like civil unrest, protests and mudslinging, and the blame game scenario of today.  However, I do feel that change must come and come soon, otherwise the 1%ers will have no kingdom left to rule over and the 99%ers will all be on street without home or food!  And not all of the wealthy are to blame either, there are so many of them who are wonderful and have gained their honest share.  Wealth is good, wealth is what you deserve when you have worked hard for it, made sacrifices to build your dream, but when it then becomes greed  to the hurt of your neighbors, community and nation then it is no longer a continuation of the “American dream”, it can only become an American nightmare!

Those are my thoughts for what they  are worth!  What are yours?

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