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My Son is Obsessed with a Song!

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
I can't escape this song. Do you know it? Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. It's The Boy's favorite and he wants to hear it all. the. time. 5 times in a row. That's what he asks for whenever he sees my phone. I  purchased the single from iTunes in a moment of temporary insanity (that of delighting in pleasing my children) and now I'm stuck with it.
To make matters worse, a crazy thing happens every time we turn on the radio in the car instead of connecting the phone for music. The darn song plays!
I recorded a video of The Boy singing nearly the entire song. It was both adorable and disturbing, yet I think my daughter's must have deleted it. They're as tired of the song as I am. However, he isn't just singing it; he's making jokes up around it!
Enjoy! Maybe he's got a future in comedy (wink, wink)!

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