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My Skincare Routine 2014

By Genzelkisses

We’re still on the first month of the year and I noticed that I lot of beautiful bloggers have updated their skincare routine as well.  I really planned to use these products starting 2014.  New year, new routine, better skin!  I used have new skincare products to try every month so I change my routine monthly but I think I’m going to stick to this routine much longer.  Using these product for almost 3 weeks, I am really satisfied.

Skincare 2014

Here are the skincare products that I’m currently using day and night.

Dermclinic - Nuderm

Dermclinic NuDerm Supreme and Skincare Systems

These were given to me last December and I was on a different routine that month so I decided to use these starting this year.  It also comes with AHA Soap that I use for my back to avoid whiteheads and pimples.

After removing all my makeup (in case I’m wearing anything), I clean my face with NuDerm Supreme Mild Wash Lotion.  I massage it on my face then rinse after wards.  Next is the NuDerm Astringent Toner.  I use two toners day and night.  Yeah I know, sounds weird right?  But it’s the prescribed steps to follow for these products.  After the astringent toner has been absorbed, next is theNuDerm Supreme Lightening Clarifiance Toner, the dermatologist said it’s like a moisturizer so I apply it after the Astringent toner.

Garnier - Etude House wonder Pore - Usana

Then I apply the Etude House Wonder Pore 7 in 1 Corrector.  I’m really excited to try this because I have really big pores near my cheeks and nose and they are so noticeable!  Arrghh!  Then if I have pimples or a new pimple that’s about to pop out, I use thisGarnier Pure Active Anti-Imperfection Roll on that really works for me!  At night, I apply this Sense Night Renewal Cream by Usana.  I have friends who love this and I’m liking it too!  So far so good on these products.

Hayan - The Body Shop - Celeteque

After the whole face, I use Hayan Vitamin Intensive Eye cream.  Been using this for months already and I really like this product.  It’s amaaazzziing!  Then for daytime, I use this Celeteque Brightening Cream with SPF 15.  It smells so good and lathers perfectly on my skin without the greasy feeling.  That one in the middle is my The Body Shop Lip Balm which was given to me when I was still in college by one of my best friends.  It gave her allergies on her lips so she handed it to me.  Indeed, products work differently on each person.  That lip balm is one of my faves!

Skincare organizer

Then I put all of them in a tray like this.  This woven basket is one of my DIY Projects last year that I really like!  It’s so cute right?  I so like the ambiance it gives.  Aside from the products I’ve mentioned, I also have alcohol to disinfect my hands before touching my face.  There’s a mini mirror, cotton balls jar, and hand cream.

I’m so happy with these products and I’ll be reviewing them for you soon 

  If you have updated your skincare routine as well, please do let me know!  I’ll be happy to see your routine too! 

Cheers for a better skin this 2014!

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