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My Paper Mache Instructional Videos

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman
Just a quick note before I continue with my newest dragon build.   I didn't know that my blog posts automatically disappear after a year.    So the paper mache instructional videos I posted are gone.   In order to avoid this problem in the future I've decided to put them on my Gourmet Paper Mache site.  I know that these videos are something of a sore spot for some people.   I only got through lesson three.   I fully intended to add more of these videos, but just haven't ever gotten back to it.   Still, they do explain the process through the paper mache stage and a little of the assembly stage.   If you need to see more then subscribe to this blog.   I think you will see pretty much everything you need to see by watching me build these projects.   Of course if you really want to the inside scoop on my paper mache techniques, buy one of my  books .  
To see my Paper Mache Instructional Videos, click  here .

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