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My Nutribullet

By Sue15cat
My Nutribullet
I've been asked lots of questions recently about the Nutribullet so I thought I would dedicate today's post to it.  I must point out categorically that this is NOT a sponsored post.  I don't do them .... I only recommend things that I use and that I think are worth recommending,  As it used to say on my sidebar 'I cannot be bought for the price of a gadget' !!
The link on the sidebar that takes you to Amazon to read all about the Nutribullet, by looking at the customer reviews, is there for your information.  I will be totally honest and say that if you order anything on Amazon through this link or the book link above it I DO get a small percentage as a recommendation fee.  But I will also point out that Lakeland sell the Nutribullet and last week they had it cheaper than Amazon (and they have brilliant customer service).  Also for the first time, last week I spotted it for sale in Sainsbury's next to a cheaper copy of it.  So you can choose for yourself where to buy from and whether to go for the original or a copy..
My Nutribullet
When I bought mine, I got this package and it cost me £99.99.  Being honest again I haven't read the books, I simply read through the little booklet and the A4 information sheet and I was off.
My Nutribullet
In the book that is on the righthand side of the picture above this one, you have all the information about the Nutribullet.  It tells you what the component parts are, how to use it, there are lots of recipes and also very handily if you want to use this as a start of a future healthy eating habit, it has a 'six week transformation plan' with recipes for the Nutribullet and for other foods that will help you to feel healthier and healthier as the weeks go on.  There is also a very useful journal section at the back to log your meals and make notes about how you feel during this transformation.
  When I first started making Nutriblasts I used the small cups, but I have worked my way up to the large one, which holds a full pint and this is what I now have for breakfast most days.
My Nutribullet
The basic formula ....
My Nutribullet
... and my interpretation of it on Friday morning of last week.  
 Lovely Hubby's is already in the large cup  ready to be whizzed up and mine is still laid out on the chopping board.  Basically it's 50% veggies, just under 50% fruit and a quarter of a cup of the 'boost' ingredients.  Here I have sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and green powder. 
A lot of the questions that I have received both on the blog and via email have been about the difference between the Nutribullet and a blender.  Well in my opinion the Nutribullet is like a very strong, souped up small blender and food processor all in one.  It whizzes up whole apples, ice cubes, seeds, pips, nuts etc into liquid.  The only thing that I find that is left a bit 'gritty' on your teeth is blackberries, as it seems to leave the seeds in the berries slightly intact.  Everything else is whizzed to a perfectly smooth drink.  
The alternative blade that you get with it is used for milling, and can cope easily with turning oats, nuts and seeds into flours to use in baking, brilliant if you want to save money on buying Ground Almonds for instance, as you can whizz up just enough for each recipe you use and have them lovely and fresh, so it stops you having to buy things in two different formats, almonds and ground almonds, normal sugar and caster sugar.  I've stopped buying caster sugar completely and if I do need some I just whizz up the amount to sprinkle on top of a cake, whizzing the sugar even further gives you icing sugar!!
The best thing in my opinion is that unlike a juicer you get the full benefit of the whole fruit or vegetable, and therefore all the goodness, and because you are drinking a thicker liquid I find it does keep you feeling fuller for a lot longer.  For example if I have my Nutriblast at nine in the morning I do not start to feel hungry until around two in the afternoon.
  And I have to be honest here, I do feel virtuous for having started my day in such a healthy way.  Until I got this I hardly ate any fruit, as I was finding most fruits way too sweet for my palate, but the fruit sugars are dampened down nicely, if you want them to be, by using dark green leaves.
My Mum uses it to liquidise leftover stews from the night before to a meaty soup for the next days lunch.  This is something else I have to mention if you live on your own or maybe have little space for worktop/ countertop gadgets and yet need to have help for whizzing, chopping or liquidising this is the perfect gadget for you.
Word is spreading about this amazing gadget, and now the Nutribullet seems to be popping up everywhere almost exclusively with good reports, but I have just seen one article about a girl whose Nutribullet seemingly exploded and sent hot liquid all over her.  I really don't understand this, whether it was a fault with the machine or whether she used hot liquids in it I really don't know, but I find there is always some negative publicity about any newish product that gets popular.  This one case is the only one I have come across though of anyone who has had an accident with it.
It is important to know that only cold foods should be put in the Nutribullet and if you want to do as Mum does and process leftover foods into a soup, simply put the leftovers into the fridge overnight and then process them just before you tip them into a pan to reheat.  Or alternatively let them go completely cold before processing and putting into the fridge for the next day.
My Nutribullet
This was my view a while ago before starting this blog post, (I've been interrupted quite a few times since then) my breakfast in front of me fresh green and very tasty ..... and yes, it's all gone now!!
I can honestly say that when I have one or two Nutriblasts a day I feel fantastic.  My skin has really improved, my nails are growing fast, too fast in fact I hate having to file them down so often and I am sleeping so well.
I hope this has answered some of your questions, if you have any more please feel free to leave them as a comment below and I will try and answer them when I get back on the computer later.  Now I'm off to the polytunnel to harvest some more spinach for the rest of the weeks Nutriblasts and to get a bit of weeding done, although it might have looked super neat on yesterdays post,  the weeds love the growing conditions in there as much as the vegetables do!!
Sue xx

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