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My Noob Self {Discuss #20}

By Littlebookstar @LittleBookStar


I think it’s time for another discussion post because the last time I did one was JANUARY of 2015! Whaaaaat!? Ok. So like every other discussion post, an idea randomly popped up in my head which is how I was when I was a noob blogger. Feel free to grab a popcorn and laugh at what I’m going to confess because I thought my old bloggy self was pretty hilarious.

1. I did NOT know that you can schedule posts on WordPress. I thought bloggers were crazy for posting their posts on 12 a.m., 1 a.m., 2 a.m., you name it. So…that’s what I did. I stayed up till whatever a.m. just to click ‘PUBLISH’ so that my post can appear on my blog. And then after a couple of months….I realized there was a freakin ‘SCHEDULE’ button on WordPress which allows you to schedule your post on the desired date and time you want. Good job, Leigh. You’re so smart. -.-

2. I actually thought the way blog tours ran was the authors literally traveled to whichever country they were going on tour…and I was confused what the ‘blog’ part was about. I thought bloggers would just blog about the tour and the authors’ books. A blog tour company finally answered my question that it is just a VIRTUAL tour and authors didn’t actually go somewhere. *facepalm*

3. I discovered book tube a few months after I started my blog and looking at their bookshelves with all hardback books made me want to own ALL THE HARDBACK BOOKS as well! I was so determined to give away all of my paperback books (smh I was crazy back then)… but good thing I slapped myself out of it because that’s INSANE! I have a bookshelf filled with paperbacks. That’s too much work to change all of them to hardbacks.

What are some funny, cringe-worthy, or embarrassing stuff that you did when you were a new blogger? Feel free to share! I won’t judge you :)

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