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My New Self-improvement Project: Improving My Eyesight, Naturally

By Lessonsofadad @lessonsofadad
My new self-improvement project: Improving my eyesight, naturally People who know me personally would attest that I’m often into self-improvement endeavors.  Well, allow me to introduce to you my new self-improvement project: improving my eyesight naturally.  Yep, I endeavor to bring my vision back to 20-20…and in this blog entry, I’d like to show you how I do so.
This new project of mine came out because I lost my glasses.  I had one of the sides hooked onto my shirt as I walked in the mall, and I guess it fell off without my knowing and now here I am, blind as a bat (well, not really, but I’m pretty strongly nearsighted).  Instead of spending for a new pair, I decided to try to find out if I can, indeed, have better eyesight without glasses.
But it wasn’t just me who needs to do this.  I noticed that Lynn, my eldest daughter who is also my student (How's that for awkward?), was having trouble seeing the screen or the board during class time.  She would often have to squint really hard to see what was written, or, even worse, she couldn’t see so she had to copy off a classmate’s notes (which is a no-no for her because she endeavors to get top level grades).
My mom doesn’t have 20-20 either, but unlike both my daughter and I, she can’t see fine print.
And so, how do I try to improve my eyesight naturally?  Well, I try to follow three components:
My new self-improvement project: Improving my eyesight, naturally 1. I have this book in my house called Better Eyesight Without Glasses, which is based on the Bates Method, a program of eye exercises and techniques to correct vision naturally (here are some other great books on the Bates Method).  I make it a point to do the exercises featured there as often as I can.
2.I take a food supplement called Visionex, made by Usana Health Sciences.  It offers superior nutrition for the eyes, and I have heard of some terrific testimonies of eyesight being improved just by taking this supplement alone.  If you live in the Philippines, you can email me if you’d like a good deal for Visionex and other Usana supplements (including the best multivitamin out there).  For those living outside the Philippines, then click here to buy Visionex.
3.As much as I can, I try to eat foods that are good for the eyes.  There are lots of articles out there in the web that talk about this topic.  Click here for one, and click here for another.  I’m glad that I like just about all the foods listed in these articles.  This also means I will eat high antioxidant foods in general and I would avoid unhealthy food that would case free-radical damage to eyes.
Well, as an update, my daughter already said she has experienced improvement in her vision.  I’d like to say the same thing, but as of now there’s no change yet, at least nothing noticeable.  But then, according to the Visionex testimonies, it would take up and around a year of constant diligence to get the 20-20 vision I so desire.  Okay, this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, then.
Looking forward to giving a testimony about my glasses-less life soon.
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