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My Mum’s Journey to Becoming an Amazing Cook

By Foodie Cravings @foodiecravings

It has only been in the last six years that we’ve been spoilt by my Chinese mum’s amazing cooking. When my brother and I were little my mum juggled three jobs and then in our teenage/early 20s, she started her career in real estate which meant she had little time or interest to cook.

My brother and I spent most of our childhood eating take away during the week and dim sum on Sundays. When my mum did cook, it wasn’t the best which wasn’t a surprise as she was so tired. It was only after 50 when mum retired that she discovered and developed her passion for cooking.

Mum has always been a perfectionist, she’s not happy until she has mastered a dish and she’s not one to shy away from our very blunt yet constructive criticism. Her mango pudding recipe which is featured in Beaufort Street Festival’s Recipes & Ramblings Cookbook Volume II was the result of her trying half a dozen mango pudding recipes and not liking any of them


Seeing foodies in the Perth industry taking a leap of faith and starting their own food business has been absolutely inspiring. Through foodie cravings I’ve had the opportunity to chat to foodies who have taken their aspirations to the next level and to follow their successes. So it’s with great excitement to share that my mum will be launching her very own food business early next year and taking her home cooking to Perth homes.

Below are some of the dishes mum cooks up, we’re yet to decide what she’ll be cooking but it’ll be once a week with plans to deliver to Perth homes. Will post more details soon either here or on facebook.

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