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My Most Used Apps

Posted on the 17 January 2013 by Behindtheseclosedeyes @theseclosedeyes
My most used appsFeedly | PadGram | Hay Day | Chrome | YouTube | Twitter | NewPad | eBay
It's a bit of a different post from me today as I wanted to give you an idea of my most used apps right now. I was a very lucky girl at Christmas as I received an iPad from the best boyfriend in the world, and since then I just haven't been able to put it down, therefore app use has been at an all time high! These apps help me with blogging, uni and relaxing so there's a bit of everything in this selection, and I hope this post can be helpful for anyone who is looking for new apps. As far as I know, a couple of these apps are only for use on an iPad but with the huge influx of iPads at Christmas time there may be more of you iPad users out there. All of the apps that I have mentioned are also FREE so that's a big bonus! Now on to the apps..
Feedly - This app has been my go to for reading blogs since I found it a few weeks ago. It's basically a reader that can be configured to Google Reader, RSS and a loads of other feeds, giving you the chance to catch up with any new blog posts on your feed! I adore the layout of this app as it has a very minimalist look with easy navigation between posts with a swish of your finger. I'd highly recommend this lovely looking app for anyone after a good feed reader and it's available for both iPhone and iPad.
PadGram - This is the iPad's answer to Instagram and is a must have for me, although it can only be used to view and like photos which is a bit annoying. I really hope that Instagram develops an iPad friendly app that is able to take photos too, but for now PadGram gives me my Instagram fix and my phone is used for taking photos. I don't know how much more I can say about Instagram as I'm sure you all know the drill!
Hay Day - Oh my goodness, this game has taken over my life! If you haven't heard about Hay Day then it is basically a much better version of good old Farmville that we all played on Facebook. Plant your crops, feed your animals and make plenty of goods to sell and you'll be a happy farmer. I don't know what it is about this game that is so addictive but I just seem to be checking up on it all the time, and I know quite a lot of you are addicted too so I don't feel so bad.
Chrome - Chrome has been my browser of choice for quite a while now as it's very fast, easy to use and again has that minimalist look to it that I keep banging on about. I quickly changed from Safari to Chrome on my iPad and I'm so glad that I did because it even syncs with my history/saved things on my laptop so it is very handy. We always have something to Google, and I'd definitely recommend the Chrome app for it as it's so simple and effective to use.
YouTube - I can't remember if my iPad had the YouTube app already installed after the big hoo-ha with Apple and Google, but if not it was one of the first apps I downloaded as I just love watching YouTube videos when I've got some time to myself. Whether it's beauty videos or vlogs, I'll be there watching them all! I recently had a bit of an unscribing spree as I realised I was getting videos from over 150 channels (oops), but now it's a lot more manageable and makes it easier to catch up with my favourites.
Twitter - This is another app that you'd probably expect me to include as we all seem to be tweeters now! The Twitter app lets you view tweets, post your own and catch up on any @ mentions, so that's all you can really ask for. I've been neglecting Twitter over the past few weeks as I've been bogged down with uni work and had nothing exciting to tweet about, but now that everything is handed in I can hopefully get up to more exciting things worth tweeting about.
NewPad - This is a uni related app as it is basically a very simple (and free) word processor which will be handy for taking notes in lectures, working in the library or typing out bits of essays. It is a very basic word processor with your standard area for typing, some formatting tools and the option to email your work to yourself in order to access it on a computer which will be handy.
eBay - I've recently become a bit of an eBay fanatic and that's all thanks to this app which I downloaded on a whim. I absolutely love its layout as it's so easy to search for things and keep track of bids/purchases, although I think I need to do something about my bidding skills as I always seem to be beaten with seconds to spare which is an absolute pain in the bum.
I'm still looking for more apps to try out so please leave me your recommendations!

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