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My Morning Routine

By Reservedforruby @reservedforruby
I love reading other bloggers skin care routines so I thought it was about time I shared what I use on my skin each morning. I have normal-dry-oily skin (yes very weird combination) so it's really important that I test out loads of different products. I sometimes encounter break outs so to avoid this I try every blemish fighting products...EVER. (I always welcome new suggestions!).

Clean & Clear - Morning Energy

My Morning Routine
I LOVE this product. I tried the other version, Morning Burst and I equally love the too. Splash this on your face in the morning and you will feel totally revived. It contains vitamin C and ginseng which leaves your skin feeling completely refreshed. After work, I like to use too so I don't think this should be limited to morning time!
My skin is extremely sensitive so a number of products make my skin either tight or feels like a slight burning. However, this product is excellent for sensitive skin and doesn't irritate the skin.
Rub a small amount (the size of a grape) onto your face and use warm water. The warm water will open your pores and fight against any blemishes. I then use a little cold water to close the pores before applying moisturiser.
Even though the color alludes to an orange scent, there is absolutely no orange scent, which I am happy about. I prefer to not smell like an orange!

Glow Job - Moisture Lotion

I have been using this for a week now. In the morning, I usually run around my room finding clothes while putting my moisturiser on at the same time. This means, I am not looking in a mirror the whole time to see what I am doing. But I figure this is generally fine with moisturiser. However, when I looked in the mirror I noticed little bronze marks across my face. I then read the small print on the package, and there is, in fact, small bronze beads throughout the moisturiser. You just need to rub these in (I would probably recommend looking in the mirror when you apply moisturiser -at least this one!).
It makes your skin look brighter and you do notice the extra glow. I leave this to dry for a couple of minutes before applying my BB cream. (No7 bb cream at the moment)
My Morning Routine

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