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My Middle Name is Sue

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
My Middle Name is SueThere's a saying that goes, "Writers write." Writing exercises help us to hone our skills and utilizing prompts forces us to stretch our writing muscles in ways we might not otherwise stretch them. That's precisely why I'm linking up with Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop!
Mama Kat provides 5 prompts; choose one and off you go. Today, I've chosen prompt #4: Your middle name. Though this isn't the most stellar piece I've ever written, it is about something that has been bothering me my entire life.
My middle name is Sue.
When I think of my middle name, I have apathy. Or maybe not. Maybe, I've never really liked it. But I've never hated it either. I just don't get it. Why "Sue?" Maybe because "Tamara" was so unusual compared to my sister and brothers with their "top 10 names of the 70s" names that my mom felt the need to neutralize it a bit. My maiden name was very cool, so without the "Sue" I had a great name.
Tamara Vellozzo has a lovely ring to it, don't you think? It suits me. It feels right. But Tamara Sue Vellozzo? No. "Sue" is a detractor of cool. It ruins the flow. It doesn't fit.
Names have a vibration to them. Numerologists even use your name to predict your life's destiny. I don't take much stock in that, but you can feel it when a name resonates with someone, can't you? We didn't spend hours in high school signing our autographs for nothing, after all. You had to switch your last name with the name of the boy you liked to see if it sounded good, right? To see if it flowed. Because names have a certain power to them, a dynamic, an energy.
"Sue" just doesn't do anything for me. It isn't even a special family name. I'm the only one of 4 whose middle name isn't a family name. Well, Mom? What were you thinking?
So, how about you? What do you feel about your middle name? Do share!

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