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My Little Vintage Caravan Project ~ Sprucing up the Woodwork

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy

It was such a shame that so much of the caravan interior was is such disrepair that it had to be removed. I’ve been looking at other vintage caravans on Pinterest and I’ve found myself wishing that I still had a kitchen in the caravan to decorate with colourful tea-caddies, cute oven gloves and vintage accessories like this one on Pinterest:

Cassiefairy vintage caravan project - retro kitchen from pinterest

But alas, the kitchen was in a right state so out it came during the first week’s clear out and I know that I won’t be replacing it because I need the space for my workshop and lets face it, I’m never going to be taking it away or camping in it, so it’s completely unnecessary to have a kitchen. It doesn’t stop me yearning for cute vintage kitchen accessories though – I guess they’ll have to wait until my real kitchen makeover indoors begins ha!

painting caravan seats blue

So anyway, the only furniture that remained in the caravan is the seating. These benches turn into a bed with the help of a piece of wood that spans the gap. I don’t yet have this because the original table was missing and I need to get a piece that is exactly the right size to fit on the lip of the benches at both sides. So in the meantime I’m going to spruce them up with a coat of blue wood paint. You can see from the photos that they have been damp in the past, but thankfully they are still strong enough to be used as seats and the wood has dried out, so it’s safe to paint and the colour adhered to the untreated wood very well. I did two coats of paint, inside and out, to be certain the colour was consistent and here’s what they look like now:

cassiefairy little vintage caravan project painting bed seats blue

Please come back soon for the next update on my progress and you can check out what I’ve been doing up to this point using the links below

Let me know what you think – leave me a comment below or get in touch via http://twitter.com/cassiefairy I’d love to hear from you

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