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My Homework Nightmare Comes True

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
When the girls decided to separate this school year we agreed. We always talked about third grade as the time they would start wanting their own space.
We talked to the girls about what separating really meant. I wouldn't be able to volunteer as room mom since the parties for every grade are held on the same date at the same time. I wouldn't be able to chaperon each girl's field trips for the same reason. From now on I'd switch between classrooms to spend time with each one. They understood and were fine with this.
Yesterday my real separate classroom nightmare came true. The brunette twin's teacher said she gives some homework based upon classroom differentiation. The blond twin's teacher said she doesn't give homework very often.
This means that every night the brunette twin will have homework while the blond twin will have playtime. At least the blond twin thinks she will have playtime. If the brunette twin has a general math or reading assignment, I'll copy it and give it to the blond twin. Otherwise she'll do pages from a workbook. There's no way the brunette twin is going to do homework while the blond twin plays.
In our school district the rule is students should have five minutes of homework for each grade level, so for third grade we're talking about 15 minutes of homework. I realize it won't change her academic career not to have any homework, but it will change her mindset and create resentment with her sister. There are times when I say "You're not the same girl so you won't always do/like/want the same things."  This isn't one of them.

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