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My Home Is Like The Waltons On Drugs

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

I’ve got five kids, 3 cats, a really stupid dog, three catfish in seperate tanks, a shark, a sichlid and a mouse. Ive also got a man My Home Is Like The Waltons On Drugswhos worse than my kids, a steaming cold and a really evil fun streak that likes to pop up.

As I am writing this my eldest son has come home with a bible. I guess I can use it when im near my sister in law. Shes demonic and it might help sod her off. My youngest is singing raa raa. Loudly. My nose is running, my daughter is upstairs probably putting bubble bath down the loo, and the other boys are playing football in my back room.

My nose is running again, the mouse is chewing the bars, the catfish are clinging upside down to their tanks ( wtf???) My son is now crying cause he got hit with the football, my four year olds laughing at page 3, my nose is running again and annoying me.

My man has left his boxers in the bathroom, my dogs getting under my feet and is about to get thrown outside, my daughters just come down doing a fashion parade, my kids have got to go school in green things tommorow, my eyes are watering, my nose is dripping, my coffee tastes like crap and I really think what I need is a trip in the freezer.

I’m willing to be naughty to put myself in time out. My sons now chattering about mud, the four year olds asking to take page 3 upstairs- er no. So we are having a chat about my boobies, and my 7 year olds telling me his class is going to haven for a ok! Just shut them all up with a muffin then my four year old says mom have you got a shaven haven?….see the waltons would never have had all this! Sigh.


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