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My Home Comforts

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
I'm easily stressed. It doesn't take much for me to feel the pressures of life and I'm just naturally overwhelmed by things. Because of this, I've got a few home comforts that I swear by, so if you're feeling a bit under the weather, I've got you!
My Home Comforts
1 - My Bed.
I always make sure that when I get up in the morning, I make my bed to perfection. It just means that at the end of a stressful day I feel so satisfied knowing my bed is ready to jump into. *Added comfort points if it's fresh sheets.
2 - Freshly Washed Makeup Brushes
Sounds ridiculous, but if I go to my room and see freshly washed makeup brushes, I feel like I've won at life.
3 - Christmas Movies
Christmas is my favorite time of year and nothing makes me feel more at ease than watching a Christmas movie (Elf or the original santa claus movie - Although I will admit that the Super Duper Looper still gives me anxiety to this day)
4 - Friends
Another TV related home comfort. I remember having food poisoning and watching friends and it made me feel so much better. There's something about that gang that makes me realize life doesn't need to be so serious, and so now whenever I'm feeling a bit 'blah' an episode of Friends sorts me out. Say it with me... 'PIVOT'
5 - My Family
My family and friends are just my absolute idols. There's nothing they can't help me with and they are all hands down, the funniest people I know. They never let me feel sorry for myself for too long and it's exactly what I need when I get myself in a 'funk'.
6 - Facemask, Candles On, Magazine, Music On
Self explanatory really. I love the fact that there's not much I can do if I have a sheet mask on so I have no option but to put my phone down, shut down my laptop and enjoy some 'me' time.
7 - My Cats
Is there anything nicer than seeing some small fluffy animals playing? I love them so much and could easily watch them play together all day long.
So there you have my home comforts! I could have easily mentioned tunnocks teacakes, vodka and wotsits in there, but Imma keep it healthy... for a while...
What are your home comforts?
H x

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