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My Growing Necklace Collection!

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
Happy Tuesday, lovelies :)
Today I have another Etsy product that I'm stoked to show off. A lovely necklace made by the even lovelier Ashlee!
Ashlee has not one but TWO Etsy shops and a WOAH. I can barely keep up with one blog...I don't know how she does it!
Her shop, Nomsa, has lots of pretty fabric flowers,
bridal accessories & costume jewelry.
The necklace that Ashlee sent me is from her other shop, My Cellar Door,  which specializes in all things jewelry - gold, sterling silver, pearls,  gemstones, vintage jewels...
Yeah I'm sure you can see why I quickly favorited that shop :)
Okay, okay enough talking. On to the goods ;)
There are lots of ways to win me over. One is by sending me mail. Another is super cute packaging. Missions accomplished for Ashlee ;)
My Growing Necklace Collection!
The necklace didn't really go with this outfit, but I had to try it on right  when I opened it! It's perfect! I love it's small size (in case you didn't know I am tiny and anything BIG tends to take me over). Also I'm trying to expand  my necklace collection, so obviously I was so stoked to add this one to my collection.
My Growing Necklace Collection!
This necklace is known as The Gold Leaf Necklace in the shop. This is the description of it:
"A gold-plated leafy branch pendant is securely dangling off of a delicate 14K gold  filled chain. Necklace has a spring trigger clasp. All findings are 14K gold-filled."
It also comes in sterling silver...variety, I like it!
My Growing Necklace Collection!
 This is the dress that I wore it with :) (Excuse my sunburn) It was the perfect compliment to my checkered sundress.
My Growing Necklace Collection!
Thank you so much for letting me spotlight one of your products, Ashlee! You are so wonderful and so is your work.
I'm even going to show you guys a few other items I like from her shop since they're that awesome:
My Growing Necklace Collection! This can be found here.
My Growing Necklace Collection! This can be found here.
My Growing Necklace Collection! These can be found here.
Go browse My Cellar Door - I bet you'll find something you like :) .
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Last thing - if you'd like me to feature one of YOUR products, shoot me an email and we'll get something set up :) 

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