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My Fitness Change!

By Thedivadoll @marlenefrierson
I know, I know... there is a post from ABBOE after 4 months!! I have been on a whirlwind since October, between work, family..etc...
To rewind a bit, let me start from last year. I had an awesome holiday well spent with my family. It was much needed as well, I have been going through some personal issues that I have been dealing with, and my health had taken a toll. I was starting to feel very tired and extremely stressed out at work. It was to the point I was getting constant Anxiety attacks.
Fast forward a bit until last month...
I unfortunately was let go from my job, even though it came during a touch time in my life, I somewhat considered it a blessing at the same time. While looking for another position, I have been hitting the gym and I signed up as Beach Body Coach so that I can get my health back on track.
Since then, I have lost a total of 18 lbs and I have not had not one Anxiety attack! I feel so good, and my body has made an awesome transformation. I'm not yet where I want to be, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.
After losing the weight and feeling good with the exercise I have been doing, I wanted to spread the word and see if I can help others out there feel better about themselves as well.
Below is a picture of a Before and Now picture ( I haven't reached my After pic yet).
My Fitness Change!
Before starting I never would have shown those before pictures. I'm working on getting my body to be ( in my eyes for me) Bikini ready. I'm excited about the journey I have ahead of me, because it makes me a stronger person and the ability to help other people.
I'm actually going to be having a test group starting up on Monday March 19th. I hope I can interest you ladies in joining my group!
Just send me an email requesting info to [email protected]. There are some deals going on right now until the end of this month, ( Friday) so get in while it's good!
Have a good rest of your day darlings.
My Fitness Change!

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