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My First Villanelle...

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Unlike many in  the poetry group, I have no real knowledge of the structure of poems. So, when the subject of 'villanelle' appeared I was completely at a loss. I'll be honest I'd never heard the word before! Was it some young, female, nasty person??
Anyway it's thanks to Adele Robinson that I kind of grasped the concept.  I had to write out a sort of  'code '  for myself, and so it was that at 10.30 last night I was sat up in bed, pen in hand, trying to write something that made sense. I'm not altogether sure it's correct...but it seems to be.
Trying to follow the given formula wasn't easy I must admit. What I did was wrote the end words down first, then I composed around them. so I had to find words rhyming with each other, and a means of repeating them in the correct order...WOW !!
With trepidation ,indeed, I give you, " My First Villanelle "
  My First Villanelle?
                      Leave me alone, let me be
                      To walk among the hills so fair
                      And camp upon the grass so free.
                      Give me time, just time for me.
                      Feel the wind blow through my hair-
                      I want to live, I want to be.
                      I've lots to hear and lots to see,
                      Stout boots I have with plenty wear.
                      Time's my own and time is free.
                      No entry charge and certain no fee.
                      I have no worries. I have no care-
                      I have my life - as it may be.
                      I take a bearing, mark it accurately
                      I set a course, my compass bear.
                      Arms swing to rhythm, heart is free.
                      Pack on my pack fits snugly.
                      One day I'll go and return nae mair -
                      My life will end and glad I'll be,
                      Walking the hills wild and free.
My First Villanelle...
So , how was that ? Was it correct ? Do let me know, and thanks for reading,  Kath Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook


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