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My Facebook Mums Group Rules Now Include Vodka & Shrek?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

My Facebook Mums Group Rules now include vodka & Shrek?


I found this rather entertaining written by my rather insane mom Shell, pussy face as I call her (she has a cat picture as her profile).

Here is her meaning of the groups rules:


Ok for the new members a revised edition of unwritten rules none of which Emma knows about.


  • 1. Still feed Tara every half hour she gets well narky when shes denied cheese.
  • 2. Creme eggs still apply to every situation for me. I can be made happy, apologised to, bribed with, and just like to eat .. creme eggs. Best bit, I’m not even pregnant just greedy.
  • 3. Half the group like vodka.
  • 4. The other half’s hung over and so therefore prefer tequila slammers in a sparkly glass!
  • 5. ADMIN is always right, except when they are wrong, but even then they are right.
  • 6. You have to know dirty jokes, or if you don’t you soon will
  • 7. You have to accept Cbeebies IS corrupt and evil with drugs.( this can be verified )
  • 8. If its vagina related someone here has had it or knows someone who has it and is prepared to out them for the greater good.
  • 9. Emma is boss. Michelle’s next in line and the rest of us make brews
  • 10. We are all nuts, and we all secretly fancy Shrek…OK this could just be me.

I think its all covered 

Feel free to add your own Facebook Supermums…


You can find out more about my Mums Group & meet some of the mums.

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