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My Endangered Friends

By Thewritefuture @thewritefuture

Thanks to my friends and my daughters we -as a family- support many animals that are at risk of going extinct. We are close friends with the Panda, snow leopard and tiger. But today I found out that is not enough! I read an article on one of my favorite websites Treehugger that next to the "celebrity" endangered animals there are also quite a few animals on the list that you won't think of at first. On the list are subspecies of the Peacock, the Clay-fish and the wolf spider (do I hear some women cheer?) for example. But I was even more shocked to read that some subspecies of the Zebra, Giraffe and mice are in real danger! Especially the zebra and giraffe have stolen my hart after our holiday in South Africa, so I will add them to our little zoo. And the mice? I'm afraid we already support them in our garage.

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