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My Ego Tells Me I Am Empty…..

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

emptinessDo you feel empty inside?


When I make a statement as such in my mind.. even reading it.. My ego of creation stated yes.. You are empty.. Then I say to my ego.. Are you just stating another statement to be against reality?


The ego of course says.. whatever does that mean? That is when I smile.. For then I know that was or is within me is filled 70% water, it doesn’t retain a glass half empty or half full mentality only my thoughts about it will be.. 


The space created in just saying.. I am empty is a identity my mind can keep me in ego with.. Why make the choice to be of empty when I am energy in this moment which is always continuous.. There are not many moments calculated so to give this weight would be my own surrender to an unconscious mode of thinking that is truly the very thing I pointed to in the first place.. 


I am making the now an enemy and I am totally against reality.. If this spoke to you in some deep way it was the observer in you that picked up the challenge that something in you is false and wanting to be right… Right about what exactly? The need to be sad in emptiness or freed from emptiness of the empty thought process that doesn’t point to how much love you are consumed within? 


The vision is what your mind will make it and if it is against what is.. Isn’t that a false sense of being?


The Ego and it’s living space inside you has it’s place.. It isn’t that you have to remove ego to be free of it, you just have to accept to embrace your ego to control it.


Many of the challenges we face some are beautiful and need our love in compassion to understand why the choices we make are powerful enough to knock us around. 


Here is a clear example of what the ego can do…


Friend: Soulmate or twin flame ………..if he exists, i don´t know, all others i just don´t want!


Clark: You have such a depth of love inside of you why not point to an extension of that same love you already give out to surround yourself with.. It just has to give you that magic you already know is there!


Friend: Wow Clark, thanks, maybe in that moment i´m not prepared to feel love with one person, but with the world, i think is only that ………..but still, the other things, i don´t want, please

A great friend just told me the same some time ago……….so much love love will kill you, eheheheh


Clark: Yes egoic relationships keep a mentality that means you give me what I need, I give you what you need at some point we both will no longer need those things and hopefully you are in the same space as I am when that moment arrives to go from this stream of what love is or isn’t in that moment.. This is not fun for anyone.. Yet has the same circumstance of what I no longer need or want is for someone to figure this out.. Just be of love and show me deeply what that love is knowing that it has no end.. Don’t make it about this or that.. Just make it about what you truly feel within… Is that what I am reading in what you wrote?


Friend: No Clark, i´m saying that i´m tierd to sufer because i give so much…………so is better to feel inlove with all nature …….and don´t give too much for someone that don´t feel the same, only that


Clark: So I see that… yet what it is like when you give that same energy to yourself? Is there a limit to how much you give to yourself? Should their be? 


I want to make sure this is clear here.. If you give this to yourself how would another know it is the same? how would you know? You are the beauty in nature.. you have a love to give yourself like no other wouldn’t this emit this to the those who could see how to love.. 


This isn’t about them.. this is about you for how you have a relationship with yourself is how you have a relationship with anyone is this not a fact?


How deep that root goes within you is apparent… Isn’t this the emitted energy that should bring you a love that no matter what, it is coming to you all the time anyway? Not because it is their responsibility to match what you can give out.. but because it is in you to match what you give yourself.. 


Be as beautiful and as wonderful as the energy you continue to give us all my friend.. Please make sure you are giving it to yourself to allow another to give it to you as well…


Friend: Time will heal all things dear friend, and i will be here to feel it Clark, thanks


Clark: Now is all you ever have my friend… there is no thank you until you see how powerful your love is and how it is never to be taken away from you and it should always be given to yourself! I send you love my friend..


New friend:  I’m already married. I would love to find a friend who I can let my true weirdness out with.


Clark:  Are you married as an actress playing a role of who they think you are? Push the envelop my friend.. take him to the improv it will free you more than you can imagine!


New friend: Thank you Clark. I am an actress in a role of what he thinks I am. I’m slowly allowing myself to break the mold. Truth is I’m just getting to know my own weirdness. I have allowed everyone around me dictate my life. Now that I’m beginning to reconnect I feel like I don’t fit in the mold, I feel judged and squashed when I try to show the truest me.


Clark: My friend do you understand why this has happened? It isn’t because of him.. It isn’t because of others.. It is because the inner child in you has some healing to do in the power you hold within yourself. Sometimes when we develop we seek answers to why either something that happened hurt us or we weren’t love for something in a way that we didn’t understand. An example of this would be a little girl who’s father didn’t take interest in her, so she developed certain habits to cover up the hole in her soul that left her without. 

The communication was lacking so the story created inside that was defining the choices made were never answered.. This left a lie of a story inside the little girl. Her choices to make were difficult and the recognition she started to seek was something outside her rather than inside her. This caused her to appear one way whether it was promiscuous or isolated. She withheld ever loving from this place so for her to venture into life 25 years later left her without something inside that wanted to develop and heal… when she made those choices she kept seeking outside herself for acceptance or approval.. Where she missed the place that she could claim her power which is deep within her, past the pain of what was, to her wholeness.. The choice is problematic because of egoic mode of protection that time claims when the illusion of time is still this moment…

The judgment is a small place in front of the pain you keep.. It does so to claim it’s protection on you… Protection from what? From the vulnerability of love that is always inside you.. Pain is pain it comes form the place of birth which has unconditional love on the other side of it.. The most powerful choice you can make my friend is this… 

Never underestimate the ruthlessness of the ego to keep you in the state of suffering in which you voluntarily participate! Powerful message that is! Yet it will resonate with a truth that is keeping itself hidden from you, from your true source of being which is perceiving judgment that you don’t have to allow. Claim this to claim the love you are birthing within my friend.. We are here, we will listen, we will not abandon or judge you!


New friend: Thank you Clark you made me cry. I have been emotionally numb for most of my life. Its hard to claim your truth when you cannot connect to it out of self preservation. If I truly allow you to see Mr you will hurt me. Its my deepest darkest place I try not to go there.




Clark: My friend… Has it ever occurred to you that you may be looking at it incorrectly? When we open our eyes to see inside of darkness we bring the light. If your home is deep inside you shouldn’t you know what is inside you? Shouldn’t you be able to open your windows and experience the air that can come in and clear everything out? How does love get inside a box without you opening it? Are you sure without opening it that love isn’t in their anyway? Again you need to see the choice to be numb is a choice! At this place you probably fear hurting others by keeping the truth from them. Isn’t that the same thing as hurting them regardless. 


I want you to examine what your ego has said to you here… You will be destroyed if you let go of your ego for the world to see you naked! How else would their be self preservation? It is also you saying if I truly release my pain for you to see, I expect you to abandon me. I WILL NOT ABANDON YOU! That is not going to happen!  I read others reaching out everyday and more and more souls come to hold them through it, never leaving them. You are on safe ground here! 


New friend: So true I can’t respond. Thanks for your loving support.I have to sit with this…..


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