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My Daughter Was Born Without a Vaginal Hole

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


My daughter was born without a vaginal hole


What happens when a hospital makes a mistake….


I remember it like it was yesterday at eighteen weeks pregnant I had started to become very irritated. At first I put it down to pregnancy but then a rash had slowly started to appear and began to spread across my body.

My first instinct was to panic I needed to visit my GP. I sat in the waiting room on edge, panicking every thought going through my head. After waiting for what felt like an eternity my GP called my name after examining me he soon explained that I had chicken pox. I generally thought all would be ok I had heard of many pregnant women suffering with viral infections etc through out pregnancy.

How incorrect was I.

I didn’t realize how dangerous chicken pox could be. I began to worry what would happen to my unborn child, would my baby be effected the GP couldn’t answer me so throughout the rest of my pregnancy I needed to be monitored more closely and had extra scans. Nothing abnormal arose from the scans.

On Valentines day 2008 I went into natural labour. After what felt like forever my beautiful daughter made her entrance at 12.21am on the 15th February. I had my gorgeous little girl she was perfect. Holding her in my arms my life was complete. The Midwives checked all they needed to check.

It later turned out that the midwifes hadn’t checked her over correctly my daughter had been born without a vaginal hole this was limiting her ability to pass urine. I discovered this at a few months old after a few urine infections . My poor daughter had been suffering and I hadn’t been aware. I felt numb.

It turns out that the hospital hadn’t checked my daughter as they should of. They ticked the box to say they had checked her vagina. I was angry and after three operations it became apparent  that my daughter wasn’t producing the female hormones estrogen. I didn’t no what to do but after more tests and scans it became clear my daughter will never have children of her own naturally.

She has no womb or ovaries. As a mother this is heartbreaking and has left me broken. How will I tell my daughter when she’s old enough.

So please I ask that if your able after giving birth ensure that your newborn baby is checked over correctly.


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