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My Craft {10/52}

By Owlandtwine
My Craft  {10/52}My Craft  {10/52}My Craft  {10/52}
52 Photos Project - 10/52 - Release.  What do you do to lighten up?
It's not uncommon at our house to watch me skip run to the kitchen when my hubby gets home from work.  For this is the time of day when I'm usually quite spent.  The time of day when I need to not hear myself utter the words please share, and use your words, please one more time - or at least for about thirty minutes.
The kitchen is my place.  I pour a glass of wine.  Depending on the day I will listen to music or open the window wide and listen to the outside.  Washing, cutting, chopping, mixing, whisking - all soul soothing.  Cooking and baking are my crafts of choice.  This is where I make.  This is what I do most days to revive.

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