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By Owlandtwine
It has been a very long time since I was last here. But let's not begin there. Let's begin right here, right now...
I am sitting on the floor in my new bedroom. I am sitting in a slant of light with a cup of creamy espresso and milk. I am looking out the sliding glass doors - a giant flood of glass which lets in the light - blue sky right now and two finches playing. I think I hear a whistle, but perhaps it's just my heart, shocked - not because I have allowed myself the chance to sit down and take pause, but because I have allowed myself the chance to remember my password - to log in - to write. I also dusted off the password to my photo account and uploaded this image I took of Theo this past weekend. December Morning. Or maybe I should title it: (not so simply) Theo, age 9, in love with reading novels, growing up way too fast for my heart to keep up with the beat of his, and what has this country come to, and oh - my heart aches when I think too far ahead these days, and oh....
What this really is, my people, is the start of something new. I am writing and self-publishing a book. I have had this idea for years. Now is the time. Coming here first to settle in felt right...
And let's just kitchen sink this post!
A few things I've been cooking and loving lately:
This soup. My boys love it.
This soup. We couldn't get enough.
This Pinterest board where I'm pinning inspiration for our new home, because I love a good design project (or 20).
Lastly, these words that resonate deeply with me these days.
This too shall pass.Until then,fetch wood,carry water,walk the earth.

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