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My Concept Or Yours?

By Sapphiresandsaffron
I remember when my sister got married 10 years ago, her wedding video's were recorded on VHS (all 10 of them)... I don't think people nowadays even know what VHS stands for let alone watch 10 videos of footage. Nowadays, you can not only get your wedding events on DVD, but there's HD, blue-ray and you can even get a video montage or flashback video which can summarize ALL of your events in about 30 minutes.  It's amazing how far we have progressed with technology. "Yipppie" , you say? Well, as I always say things always get better and better. This past year or two, on every imaginable wedding blog or website I have seen numerous "concept video's". Some of them AMAZING, some of them very unique, and some of them that are just out of this world.
You ask, "What exactly is a concept video?" Have you ever imagined making your own music video? Or imagined having your proposal on video for all to see? Well, that's exactly what a concept video is. It's an idea that you make into a short film that you can show at your reception, use as a save-the-date or even send to your guests as a thank you. It's really what you make of it. So start figuring out with your hubby- my concept or yours?
Here's a video all sports fans will love. The couple Sapna and Sanjeev used their concept video as their wedding invitation. Each of these DVD's was included with an insert of all the wedding functions. I must say pretty creative and cute!

Sapna+Sanjeev DVD Invite from Hakim Sons Films on Vimeo.
Video First Seen on: Maharani Weddings
Concept Film Videographer: Hakim Sons Film
And, I found the video below after I stalked Hakim Sons Films online (to be more precise my bff Google helped me out). No, I don't need to be arrested unless I'm arrested for being AWESOME.

Tejal & Shaurin's Concept Film + Instant Edit from Hakim Sons Films on Vimeo.

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