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My Best Friend READS. #1

Posted on the 10 August 2012 by Theliteraturelion @LiteratureLion
Hey everyone!
So in my Summer Wrap-Up Read-A-Thon, I mentioned that one of my best friends, Amanda, would be doing the read-a-thon with me! So far we are both doing great on our list of books! But today I'm here to post some of Amanda's reviews for some of the books she's read in the past.
Amanda is currently only reading young adult contemporary, and she loves books with lots of romance. When Amanda first started reading a lot, she would send me a Facebook message with a mini review about the book she finished reading. Pretty much they are just her thoughts and feelings about the book - what she liked, what she didn't like, and all that good stuff! Then I got her to create a Goodreads account to post her reviews, and you can add her as a friend here.
But here are some of Amanda's reviews! Please note that some of them may have spoilers in them!
Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen (5 stars)
This is the book that started my recent book obsession.
I really don't like the way the book ended, but I'll survive. I know they were fighting and everything, and then they got back together but it just ended and I'm like: "this is it?" But I LOVED the food fight- it was awesome!

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen (3 stars)
I didn't like that she fell in love with Macon, because he's a bad dude. But I like that they fell apart at the end. The rest of the book was decent.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (4 stars)
Saddest book ever, but I didn't cry. I was on the verge, but I held it together. At the beginning, I was thinking that this is the worst book ever when it was talking about the alcohol and smoking and the sex and how mean these girls were to everyone. I told BJ about it and I was like this book is such a bad influence. It's like teaching us to be rebels. Haha. But it got better and by the end of Chapter 5, I just wanted the book to be done. When her and Kent were just sitting in the dining the room together, but then things kept getting better with Kent and yeahhh :) Juliette Sykes... so friken sad. So sad. The whole time I read about her, my heart just like melted for her. It was terrible. But yeah, overall good book!

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen (5 stars)
So when the book first started, I was uber confused on why her and Sophie were no lonjger friends and waiting for waiting for an explanation. Thirteen chapters later, I finally got one! :) I think that Owen was super cute even though the book made him sound scary. I love how him and Annabelle could disagree on so much (well, music) and still be good friends and then they became more than friends and I was like AWWW! :) And her and Clarke became friends again... sorta. Sophie was a bitch! Glad Will Cash went to jail. And super glad Clarke and Rolly got togther! Rolly's adorable! :P Really liked this book! :)

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen (5 stars)
I. loved. this. book. I don't know why, I just really liked it for absolutely no particular reason! That's it! :)

If I Stay by Gayle Forman (4 stars)
When it started out and it mentioned the crash, I had to read it like three times before I fully understood what had happened. And then I did and I found out that her mom and dad and Teddy all died and I thought it was so sad! And then she was in the hospital and everyone came in to talk to her due to Willow (that chick kicks serious ass!) And what her grandpa said to her and Kim and Adam... I cried! It was so sad! Adam is adorable. And her grandpa reminds me of Billy (one of our friends)! :P

Where She Went by Gayle Forman (4 stars)
At first, I hated the way it started and how it switched from narrator being Mia but then Adam... turns out later I actually liked this even though it confused me a couple times! :P I thought this book was really cute! I love Mia and Adam together <3

Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott (4 stars)
Alright, I already told you that when it first started I thought that Eli was like Austin (a boy at our school.) :P But that chapter when he kissed her, I had the HUGEST grin on my face. :) Until he left... :( But then they got back together! :) And when Clement walked in on them at home I couldn't stop laughing! :) Tess, oh boy, when I found out about her and Beth and then her and Claire, I was like OMG!!! HUGE TWIST! Kinda grossed me out when Claire was talking about them making out and having sex... not going to lie. Kinda disappointed that Tess didn't wake up but knowing that Abby finally has a life without Tess.... SCORE! :P Eli getting picked on by those assholes at his school... NOT COOL. Wanted them to go die in a hole. Good book though! Favorite character - CLEMENT! :)

Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols (3 stars)
Oh boy. This book was interesting!
1. I don't get Johnafter....?
2. Umm, slightly inappropriate! :)
3. Meg and John fuck buddies = NO!
Relationship = YES!
Not much else to say! :P

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen (3 stars)
Okie dokie. So overall, I thought this book was kind of like Between Here and Forever, in the fact that the whole sister drama. Anywho, Rogerson... one different character. Never thought genius kids would be stupid enough to smoke pot... but apparently they are! :P I was struck that Caitlin started to smoke too. Corrina seemed like a good friend/person if she wouldn't have done so much pot and ciarettes, she probably could've made it to California a long time ago with all the money she would've saved. :) But when Rogerson started beating on her... what an ASS! I mean, when his dad did it to him, I felt really bad, but when he started beating her, I was like 'boy! your ass needs to be locked up in jail, not doing community service!' One part of the book I didn't understand: her cheerleading game and the guy yelling out 'Cass!'... was she just imagining that?

That Summer by Sarah Dessen (2 stars)
Didn't really like this book. Too many weddings and wedding drama. Wish something more would have happened between her and Sumner, but it didn't - so yeah. Not my favorite.

Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen (3 stars) 
So alrighty, kinda liked this book! :) Norman's appearance and features really bothered me - hippy, long-hair, possible stoner. :P I wish that the end of the book would have done more with them, but overall I thought it was pretty good.
The whole friendship main idea was... alright.

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen (5 stars)
Loved this book! Not as much as Along for the Ride, but YEAH! :) Loved the characters, the catering chaos and the loss of the parent that Wes and Macy had in common. Loved Wes <3 Really liked this!
P.S. - I really want to play Truth with someone! :P

Purity by Jackson Pearce (3 stars)
Truthfully, as much as this book revolved around sex, it was EXTREMELY awkward sometimes (sex with Jeffery!), but I actually kind of enjoyed it!

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (5 stars)
I cannot believe I cried so much and I blame you for making me read this extremely sad book. I loved Augustus Waters, and cancer sucks. I'm too depressed to write anything else.

These are only 15 of Amanda's reviews, and I'm hoping to do one of these posts every month or so! 
Also, Amanda is kind of getting sick of crying over every book I give to her to read, so if you have any recommendations for some good paranormal/dystopians for her to read, that would be awesome!
My Best Friend READS. #1

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