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My Beatles Inspired Post

By Datewithcleo @datewcleo
“… There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known.
Nothing you can see that isn’t shown.
Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.
It’s easy.
All you need is love, all you need is love…”

We all know this song.  If you’re like me, you want to believe that the warm fuzzies of these words are truth. But, I can’t help but wonder, is love really all you need??

I could list 100 people I know that would instantaneously answer “NO” to this question (yes, I’m thinking of YOU!).

I can not think of one single person that would answer “YES” without hesitation. If I knew a small child, he or she would probably be my best candidate.

My Beatles Inspired Post

Advocates for Team NO would say that there are many factors besides love such as, timing, distance, circumstances, lack of communication, finances, poor hygiene, unplanned pregnancies, strippers, etc. that get in the way of love and sometimes block it altogether. Love can not change people. Love can not cancel out all evils. Love alone can not withstand life.

Loving someone does not mean they will love you back.

Wow, Team NO has some great points.

Team YES would probably say something about the importance of unconditional love and loving our enemies. But on a cloudy day like today, I would maybe throw my Dr. Tea at a Team YES member and see what they would say about that (only kidding!).

My Beatles Inspired Post

My belief lies in a hybrid of these two teams, called Team Cleo. Team Cleo says that love is capable of overcoming anything, but not without the inclusion of the points below:

1. Love must not be alone. Just how butter is not yummy by itself but great when mixed with other things, love too must be paired with the right ingredients. Love+Determination is a good start. I think many people give up on love too easily and too soon on love. Love+Patience and Love+Independence are good recipes too.

2. Love is not our tool for getting what we want out of people. This is a hard one for me to swallow actually. If I treat someone with love, shouldn’t they be nice to me back?? Not necessarily. If I show someone love, why don’t they try to make me happy?? Love is not a type of currency.

3. Love is like the US Postal Service. You can send love out into the world, but no one knows when it will arrive, in what condition, or if it will even be received. Simply, there is nothing more you can do. Love without expectation (super difficult to accomplish!!). But, accepting this idea makes loving others a more peaceful act for me. Love and let go. Oh, and smile.

4. Love comes in many forms. We all love differently and at different speeds. That’s why our love recipes are so important so that we can have the strength, patience, and determination to understand each other. But for the record, I must be the easiest person to love because I write it all on the internet! Just saying ;)…

Team Cleo may not be 100% factual, but I think I am on to something good! I may not believe that all you need to love, but I think most of us do not give the power of love the credit it deserves. Regardless, I plan on testing these theories for the rest of my life and you can count on me to tell you about it! I also encourage you to test your own theories and of course, fill me in.

Much love for you,

Team Cleo

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