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My Approach to Life is Like Cooking. Bread Pudding for Breakfast!

By Merrilyalltheway @MerrilyAllTheWa
My approach to life is very much the same as my approach to cooking.  With both I have learned the following:·   Work with what I have, if I cannot get everything I want.·   Listen to the advice of others that have done it before.·   There is more than one way to make something turn out good – if not great.·   Don’t be afraid to try something new.·   Be able to laugh at my mistakes.·   Share joy with those around me.
For breakfast we may have eggs and philosophy.  Dinner is often experiments of flavor and the pleasure of company with laughter, conversation and never enough chairs for everyone.  We laugh sometimes because throughout the years it seems that people know when we eat dinner and just happen to show up.  So I try to make more than enough food for any unexpected guests that might arrive.
I hope that you will “show up” often, and enjoy the recipes and thoughts that are shared. 
This morning we actually had a bread pudding of sorts served with homemade whipped topping, cream cheese and hot cocoa.  A lot of the dishes I make are based entirely on what I have on hand.  Today, I had “must-use-today” French bread and a little bit of heavy whipping cream that also needed to be used before going bad!
Recipe for Bread Pudding [of sorts]:1 loaf of French Bread (any bread will work)2 eggs1 – 1½ cups milk (depending on the size of your loaf. You need just enough to moisten the bread)1 Tablespoon cinnamon1/2 Tablespoon vanilla extract¼ cup brown sugarHandful of raisins
Pull bread apart with your hands and toss into a 9x9 or similar size oven dish that has been lightly coated with Crisco or Pam. Mix eggs, milk, cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar and raisins together in a separate bowel then pour over bread pieces. Stir the mixture, then put in oven (preheated to 375) for 45 minutes or until bread pulls away from the sides of the dish. 
Recipe for Homemade Whipped Topping1 – 2 cups heavy whipping cream½ - 1 cup powdered sugar (can use regular sugar)1 tablespoon vanilla extract
Place glass bowl and beaters to your electric mixer in the freezer for a few minutes to get them cold.  Pour heavy whipping cream in bowl and beat with electric mixer until it starts to thicken a bit.  Add sugar and vanilla. Dip your finger in the bowl to taste so you know you have enough sugar for your liking. Continue mixing until it is the consistency you enjoy. 

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